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Safe Services in a Post-Pandemic World

Work Desk


Covid-safe & available worldwide. Prices between $35-$60/hour. 

Wooden Furnitures


Apply for in home services. Pricing based on location. 

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič


Available while covid cases are low in South Florida. $45/hour

Service #1:

The Idea Session

Show me what you have & I'll show you how to make it home. Layouts, color schemes, & style are discussed & a shopping list is provided with step-by-step guidance on each piece from dimensions to sourcing. All ideas are put in writing so you have a game plan to follow through on your own. 

Home Decor_edited.jpg

The IDEA SESSION is for...


Those who have an eye for design
but need guidance, ideas, &
pro styling tips


People who will have time
to shop & follow through
on the plan discussed


Clients with tight budgets
who would like to save on the decorating fee

Service #2:

The Home Makeover

I take care of the decorating from beginning to end, yet the space will still be a reflection of you. Your individual taste & personality shines through because you have a voice through out the process.

Call for details availability.

Service #3:

Shopping Hours

For those who need help sourcing a few specific home items. May be done online or in-store.  Typically an optional add-on service with the Idea Session when extra assistance is requested.

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