Reviews From My Lovely Clients

Nursery Decorating 

"What a relief it is to let someone take the lead who can take my likes and dislikes and do all the footwork to put a room together.  At first, I was thinking we wouldn't finish the nursery until she was like 3 months old, but now, having Jessica to help me along, it feels really exciting to know that it will come together and be FINISHED before she is even here!! 


I tend to be very indecisive when shopping, which leads to my just giving up.  But Jessica is there to make the decisions and move this project forward to completion.  Very much worth her fee.  Don't underestimate her value!! Maybe I'll hire Make It Home for my bedroom too!!!! =D"

-A.P. Boca Raton, FL

Design Class

"The class was easy to follow & informative. I liked that we were given economical options so there is no need to spend a lot of money.

Great class! Very fun!"

-B.L. Miami, FL

E-decorating & Guided Shopping

"Working with Make It Home was wonderful!


The process started with a questionnaire. The questionnaire was very detailed but filling it out in its entirety was key to getting it all done right. Every room, window, major piece of furniture that was staying was measured. Likes and dislikes were also captured and Jessica was able to put together a whole entire look for my home. The inspiration boards she made helped me see the "vision" which I was lacking and with Jessica's guidance and very specific instructions, I was able to walk into a home store and not feel overwhelmed. I noticed that my frustration set in whenever I deviated from her instructions. 


Jessica provided most of the guidance via emails that were extremely informative with all the links to the items I needed to purchase and why these items made sense for my "look". Most of these items were available online with free shipping so that made shopping a delight for me.


My decorating project did coincide with her visit to Miami and I did enjoy shopping with her for a day. That proved invaluble as well. We chose sofas in minutes! 


Now I can have friends come over and not wonder why this fashionista had furniture that was stuck in the 70's rattan era!


Thank you Make It Home for making my house a fashionable home!"

-E.L. Miami, FL

Design Class

"Great DIY ideas. Loved the design challenge."

-B.V. Miami, FL

Organizing & Decorating 

"I could describe my old room as "college-dorm disaster" equipped with outdated books and obsolete notes on a busted up bulky shelf and desk. The idea for my room was simple: I would like to imagine myself sipping coffee and putting my feet up in my fabulous library-esque rustic studio apartment in Manhattan. Make It Home captured my vision and executed it beautifully, while remaining practical and economical; never sacrificing style. She brought NY to me, and now I can sip coffee in my room in style. Thanks Jess!"

-J.M. Miami, FL

Design Class

"Loved the fact you gave details as far as where to go, prices, etc. 

Looking forward to the next class!"

-E.B.M. Miami, FL

Guided Decorating

"Jessica has a great way of helping you create exactly what you're imagining in your head come to life! She makes your decorating dreams a reality, with great ideas and staying on a budget, she can help any space of yours feel like home. :)"

-M.G. Patterson, NY

Idea Session

"We were so pleased with Jessica's ideas for our space. We are 'do-it-your-selfers,' but we just needed direction to get started and that's exactly what she provided."

-A.&K. Miami, FL